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A List of The Best Content Marketing Agencies for Startups

A List of The Best Content Marketing Agencies for Startups

Content marketing—producing high-quality written or video content that ranks well in organic search—is one of the most effective long-term growth strategies startups can invest in. We say "long-term" because it typically takes months for content to start ranking, even when it's created by a top agency.

Massive companies like HubSpot, Mint, Nerdwallet, and Glossier used content marketing to grow their businesses. And, even SEO startups like Moz and Ahrefs invest in content to grow.

According to Ziprecruiter, the average salary cost of a content marketing manager is $68,151 in the United States. But, this cost doesn't include what your content marketing manager will have to pay to hire writers.

For that reason, contracting with a content marketing agency can often produce better results at lower cost than doing content marketing in-house. So, in this article, we share with you several of the best content marketing agencies that work with startups. Read on to view the list.

Growth Machine

Growth Machine Logo

Growth Machine, founded by Nat Eliason, has worked with businesses and startups like Brex, Intuit, Tovala, and Four Sigmatic.

On their blog, they share content marketing best practices and many of the principles they use to grow their clients. They also have a free SEO course and a growth marketing podcast, and run a service called Writer Finder (which helps businesses who don't want to work with an agency find good writers to work with).

Some of the positive client results they tout on their website include:

  • Growing Kettle & Fire's monthly organic visitors to 180,000+ over the course of a year.
  • Increasing Ridester's organic monthly traffic from 48,000+ organic visitors per week to 282,000+ organic visitors per week.
  • Increasing Tovala's organic blog traffic by 552% over the course of six months.

They feature several case studies on their site too.

To help clients succeed with content marketing, Growth Machine puts together a keyword plan, works with their network of 7,000 writers to produce in-depth content, audits every piece of content to ensure it will rank for its target keywords, and does link building so you can start to rank more quickly.

Contact Growth Machine to learn more about their services and see if they're the right startup content marketing agency for your company.

Grow and Convert

Grow & Convert Logo

Grow and Convert, founded by Benji Hyam and Devesh Khanal, doesn't just promise to grow your organic traffic. They also promise to produce content that actually grows your business. This makes them unique among startup content marketing agencies.

They feature many different clients on their website, including B2B startups like Leadfeeder and Crazy Egg and B2C startups like Patreon and PeerStreet.

The Grow and Convert blog is one of our favorite content marketing resources on the Internet. On it, they've shared their content marketing philosophy, case studies, how to write good blog posts and promote content, the process of hiring great writers, and more.

One of the most interesting ideas to come out of Grow and Convert is "Pain-Point SEO." Right now, you're probably wondering "What is Pain-Point SEO?" Great question. I'll let their team define it:

Pain Point SEO is a strategy that we coined describing how to prioritize content ideas around high-intent keywords over high-volume keywords with the goal of driving conversions.

Essentially, Grow and Convert's main idea is that high-volume, high-traffic keywords and blog posts typically generate few conversions because they're low-intent. Instead of focusing on these low-intent keywords for clients, Grow and Convert creates content for low-volume, high-intent keywords at the bottom of their funnels that will convert leads and customers at a higher rate.

While most content marketing agencies focus only on growing your traffic, Grow and Convert wants content to increase your revenue as well.

In addition to sharing many of their ideas for free on their blog, Grow and Convert also offers a content marketing course. This course is great for startups who want to learn content marketing and implement it, especially if they can't afford to hire an agency.

The agency charges a flat $10,000/month all-inclusive fee, and startup clients pay month-to-month (no long-term contracts!). They feature four in-depth case studies on their site if you want to see the type of results they've generated.

Right now, Grow and Convert isn't taking on any new clients until August 2021. But, you can join their waitlist to work with them once they have room to take on new work.


Animalz Logo

Animalz has done content marketing for enterprises like Amazon, Google, and Godaddy and startups like Airtable, Intercom, Clearbit, Wistia, and more.

The Animalz team regularly publishes content marketing and writing best practices on their blog. And, Animalz has published content marketing guides and regularly puts out a podcast on content marketing.

They've also created a free tool called Animalz Revive, which analyzes your Google Analytics data to provide you with a list of posts that need to be refreshed.

If you want to work with a stellar content marketing agency, Animalz is a great choice. Contact them today to see if their content marketing services can help your startup grow and succeed.

Do you run a startup content marketing agency that isn't on this list?

If your content marketing agency works with startups and does kick-ass work, please contact us at hello@founderhelp.co and we'll consider including you on this list.

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